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Why Select ICS?

ICS can also supply Technical and Engineering personnel to both agencies and direct to end users on a consultancy basis and has a global network of specialised and dedicated Engineers.


ICS can supply on request a reference list for all projects undertaken over a forty year association within the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation/Transmission and Industrial / Commercial industries and our noted Engineering history details just some of the Major projects which our Engineers have been associated.

ICS offers a level of expertise which is unmatched in our specialised field of Engineering. Our existing Clients already know this level of expertise and our Engineers are hired as a result of our successful past performance. Our history of association is a huge benefit to both Client and End User as we have the references to go with the Engineers with whom we work and offer on consultancy basis. There are few companies especially located within the South East Asian market that can operate at the same level as ICS.

ICS International Ltd carries some of the World's leading Engineers operating within every discipline of the Oil/Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial and Commercial construction sectors both onshore & offshore. The Company offers the following products and Worldwide Services:


  • Implementation of our own MC Management system "ICSys".


  • Supply of MC Engineers for both Onshore & Offshore projects.  


  • Supply of dedicated Engineers for FEED, Detailed Engineering, Construction & Commissioning.


  • Development and Implementation of specialised training programs for EPC's.


  • Vendor site surveys & interface management for Process Modules and Skid units including documentation, specification & compliance verification.  


  • Onsite assistance and Management of shipyard MC activities including FAT's, SAT's & verification Inspections.